Installation Free
Your online curriculum will be running within seconds. No installation required.

Calendar Build In
Parents/Teachers can set their students calendar and add or remove events such as field trips or holidays.

Automated Voice Lesson Help
Students can have lessons read out loud to them. Helps with vocabulary and learning.

Video Clips
Clips inside the curriculum to give insight into lesson.

Frequent Updating of Curriculum
This feature keeps our curriculum current with what is going on in the world. No more out-dated curriculum!

Book Report Resources
Grades 3-8 receive book links and links to additional resources.

Note Center
Teacher can attach a message to a problem or send an electronic message for assisting their student.

Fun and enriching games for your student. Keeps learning exciting!

Grading is Automatic
Gives you more time with your student while computer will grade up to 85% of the work.

Help Buttons
Integrated into the curriculum are help buttons to assist the student with particular problems.

Will translate the text into Spanish, French, German, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

Work Anytime
You can access your work 24/7 as long as you have internet connection.

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